Magical Experience Bottles O enchanting

Bottles O enchanting are very useful in Magical Experience.
You can craft one with magic powder and a water bottle.
Except for that you can get experience with the bottle O enchanting there is more you can do with it now. There are a lot of great bottles that you might want to create.
First is the Fuel bottle. It can be crafted like this.

You can use it as fuel in your furnace and it is a lot better than normal coal.
Another use for bottles o enchanting is crafting Experion.

With this and sticks you can craft all the tools. All of the tools are pretty fast, but the hoe has a special function. Everytime you create farmland with it it will get wet.

That is still not everything. You can also craft an air bottle with one Bottle O Enchanting and sugar. When you use this if you are underwater you will get a very high air level.

One of the most important bottles of the game can be crafted with 4 Bottles O Enchanting.

This is the Large Experience Bottle.

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