Magical Experience Large Experience Bottles

Large experience bottles are crafted with 4 bottles O enchanting.
There are a lot of cool new bottles you can craft with this one.
The first one I will show is a Thunder bottle which is crafted like this.

This happens when you right click it.

The next bottle is the Tnt bottle.

This happens on right click.

The Tnt bottle can be used like this to create a Cluster bottle.

When you use this one this happens.

There is more. You can craft a fire bottle like this.

This bottle will create a 3×3 area of fire where it lands.

Another thing you can use the large experience bottle for is the dirt bottle.

This will create a 3×3 area of dirt where it lands.

There is one last bottle you can craft with this.

This will fertilize the land in a 3×3 area.

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