1.7 Mapping update list

If you have set up Forge with 1.7 you will have noticed that a lot of mappings (method names, variable names etc.) have been broken. After updating my mods for a while I decided to make a list of mapping changes. This list is not complete and isn’t a full guide on how to update your mod to 1.7, which will be online in a few days, but it should help you in updating to 1.7. In some cases it took me quite a while to figure out what the new methods were so I hope this helps.
This list is still WIP more methods will be added quickly.

– Material.rock -> Material. field_151576_e (other names for materials can be found by checking other Block files in the vanilla code)

– setCreativeTab -> func_149647_a

– registerIcons -> func_149651_a (Blocks only)

– getUnlocalizedName -> func_149739_a (Blocks only, still works for items)

– getIcon -> func_149691_a (Blocks only)

– getSubBlocks -> func_149666_a (first parameter from int to Item)

– damageDropped -> func_149692_a

– setUnlocalizedName -> func_149663_c (Blocks only, still works for items)

– onEntityCollidedWithBlock -> func_149670_a

– getSubItems -> func_150895_a (first parameter from int to Item)

– getBlockId -> func_147439_a

– setBlock -> func_147465_d

– addSmelting -> func_151393_a (for blocks) func_151396_a (for items)

– getDropItemId() –> func_146068_u() (EntityLiving.class)

– difficultySetting -> difficultySetting.func_151525_a() (World.class)

– getLocationTensionFactor(double, double, double ) -> .func_147462_b(double, double, double ) (World.class)

– doesBlockHaveSolidTopSurface(int, int, int) -> func_147466_a(IBlockAccess, int, int, int ) (World.class)

– rayTraceBlocks_do_do(Vec3, Vec3, boolean, boolean) -> func_147447_a(Vec3, Vec3, boolean, boolean, boolean) (World.class)

– doBlockCollisions() -> func_145775_I() (Entity.class)

– inventory.hasItem(int) -> inventory.func_146028_b(Item) (EntityPlayer.class)

– getStrVsBlock(ItemStack, Block) -> func_150893_a(ItemStack, Block) (Item.class)

– canHarvestBlock(Block) -> func_150897_b(Block) (Item.class))

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