Forge 1.7 VERY early release setup

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to set up Forge for 1.7. However, there are a few things you should really know. What you get with this release is to simply say it a mess. You can’t even compare it to an Alpha version of say Minecraft, but more like an unstable classic version.

That being said, this tutorial won’t be as clear as standard tutorials. I do this because not everyone should have access to this. It should only be for the people who know exactly what they are doing. Usually setting up a new version of Forge takes nothing more than a few minutes, but this one took a long time for quite a few people. Don’t expect any clear names. There are basically no mappings just yet. For example field_149769_e is the current variable name for stone stepsounds.

For this tutorial I assume you have followed the setup for 1.6.2 and the ForgeGradle setup.

The first thing you have to do is download Git. You can get the right version over here. In the installer you are asked to put in a few settings. First choose: Run Git from the Windows Command Prompt. For the second option use: Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings.

Once it is installed at the bin folder to your PATH environment variable like you did with Gradle.

The next thing you have to do is clone the MinecraftForge git on your pc. You can do this with the Git program using: git clone MinecraftForge

Or, the way I did it, log in to Github, make sure you have the Github program installed on your pc and then hit the Clone in Desktop button on the git.

Next you need to open up a command prompt in the folder where you have cloned Forge. Then run: gradle setupForge

This will take a while to set up everything.

Finally start Eclipse and point it to the eclipse folder in the Forge folder and you should be able to start coding.

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