Forge Modding 1.5.2

These are the Modding tutorials for Minecraft 1.5.1.
You can find tutorials for other versions over here.

Android app

If you want to read the tutorials on your phone while you are coding on your pc you can do that now. I have released a Minecraft mods and modding app where you can read the tutorials and look at a ton of mods. Take a look at the app over here.

Video Tutorials

Basic File

Basic Block
Custom Block and Item textures
Block Metadata
Sided Textures

Basic Item
Custom Block and Item textures

Text Tutorials

Updating to 1.6.2

Set-up (Easy, ~10 minutes, Not that good)
Set-up (Hard, ~60 minutes, Very Useful) Thanks to Pahimar
Basic File
Recipes (Contains code from Block and Item tutorials)

Basic Block Part 1
Basic Block Part 2
Custom Block Texture
Improved Texture code & general Block file
Metadata Block
Sided textures

Basic Item Part 1
Basic Item Part 2
Custom Item Texture
Improved Texture code & general Item file
Metadata Item

World Generation
Overworld Ore Generation
Nether, End and Metadata Ore Generation

Italian (unchecked) Thanks to LandKingdom
Updating to 1.5.1
Basic File

Code examples

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