Forge Modding 1.8

These are the Modding tutorials for Minecraft 1.8.

You can find tutorials for other versions over here.

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Video Tutorials


Setting up

Creating a basic mod



Text Tutorials


Updating 1.7 to 1.8 Part 1: Setup & Mod file

Updating 1.7 to 1.8 Part 2: Basic Items

Updating 1.7 to 1.8 Part 3: Basic Blocks



Set up Part 1: JDK & Eclipse

Set up Part 2: Basic Forge setup


Basic File Part 1: Package and Import

Basic File Part 2: @Mod

Basic File Part 3: Classes and Keywords

Basic File Part 4: @EventHandler and more


Creating your own mod file


Crafting Recipes

– Shapeless & Smelting Recipes



German Tutorials (By Remo)

– Einrichtung Teil 1: JDK & Eclipse

– Einrichtung Teil 2: Minecraft Forge


– Basis-Datei Teil 1: „Package“ und „Import“

– Basis-Datei Teil 2: „@mod“

– Basis Datei Teil 3: Classes und Schlüsselwörter

– Basis Datei Teil 4: @Eventhandler und mehr


– Einen Eigenen Mod erstellen

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