Modding 1.5.2: Releasing a mod

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to release a mod. This is pretty hard to explain in text so you should watch this video.

This is a step by step guide if you for some reason can’t watch the video.
1. Save all the files in Eclipse if it is open.
2. Go to your mcp folder.
3. Run recompile.bat or .sh
4. Run reobfuscate_srg if you don’t have base edits and reobfuscate if you do.
5. Go to the reobf folder in MCP
6. Make a zip of your mod folder which should be inside of the minecraft folder.
7. Add the textures from mods/YourModName_YourName (so make sure there is a mods folder in the .zip)
8. Add if you have one.
9. You are ready to go. Paste the .zip in the mods folder of a Minecraft with forge and it should work.

You can look at the source code overĀ here.

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