Modding: Dimension set-up

In this tutorial I will show you how to set-up eclipse with the dimension api. I suggest that you make a new mcp folder for this.
First you will have to do part 1 and part 2 of the normal set-up.
Now you will have to add this api to the src folder. Make sure you get the forge version of the source code. You can find them in the –For Modders– spoiler. It should be the second download link.
To get the api in get the src folder that should be inside of your download right into your mcp folder. It should give you some messages about would you like to combine those maps and that the files are already there. This is because the api changes several core classes. Just click that it should combine them and replace the files.
Now when you try to recompile the source code or do anything else you will get an error. This is because there is a bug in the api. You can download a fix for this made by me over here. You will need the modders version and everyone using your mods will need the player version.
Place the file in: MCPfolder/src/common/net/minecraft/src. It will also give you a message that the file is already there and you should replace the file.
Right now you could recompile, reobfuscate etc., but whenever you do that you will get all the files that have been changed by the api. To fix this you will have to run updatemd5.bat. This file makes sure that all the files there are in there at the moment of running are seen as vanilla. The only things that you will get from reobfuscation are the files you edit after running this.

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