Modding: Easy structure creation part 2: Using MCedit

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the basic functions of MCedit. If you already know them I suggest skipping this tutorial.
When you open MCedit you have to select a world you would like to start working in. Just select or create a test world.
Now you will spawn in that world. To look around you have to hold the right mouse button and move the mouse. To move around you can use the W, A, S, D keys.
There are several buttons on the bottom of the screen. Import, Move player, Move spawn point and chunk control aren’t really used for this. Those are mostly for real map making and editing.
Filter is a button used to acces several filters. You need to manually install most of them, but there are already several in the basic package.
Fill and Replace is a button used to replace all the blocks you have selected into the block you choose.
Clone can be used to move around blocks in your selected area.
Select can be used to select an area. When there isn’t a area selected you can simply left click and drag to select them. When you have selected an area a gui on the left pops up with several things you can do. You can also left click one of the walls of the area to increase or decrease it.
The most important button in MCedit is called Brush. There are several modes in brush. Floodfill and Topsoil are both broken (at least on the version used when I wrote this tutorial). Paste can be used to paste in a schematic. Erode will smoothen up the area. Just move it around a area and it will make it look more natural. Replace is pretty self explanatory. The only thing that is important is that the top block is the block that is going to be replaced and the one below what it is going to be replaced with. Fill simply fills the area with the chosen block.
If you move your mouse wheel you can change the height away from the ground can be changed.
The brush shapes and sizes should be pretty self explanatory as well.

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