Modding: Easy structure creation part 4: Converting the .schematic into java

This is the part where the awesome converter will be used to create all the java code.
Open up your Converter program. There should be a button on the right called Add file. Click that and select the .schematic that you would like to convert.
If it hasn’t done it already you should increase the size of your screen so that you get the black screen on the right and several options on the bottom. Also click on the file name you just added.
To get the blocks it should spawn on select one of the block names on the bottom left and click the arrow to the right. If you have selected the wrong block you have to click the one of the right and click the button with the arrow to the left.
Spawn height tolerance is the height that it can spawn above the ground. You can take a look at the blocks by clicking the + and – on the right of the screen.
Once you are done adding spawn blocks you have to click the generate button on the top and it will give you the java file inside of the Output map or any other map you selected below the Add file button.

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