Problems with the current Forge release

In here you can find some of the problems with the current Forge release and possible fixes for it. If you have a different problem or one of the problems on this list is gone tell me somewhere and I will improve this list.

– Downloading files during the setup of Forge doesn’t work

There isn’t a real fix for this, but it may be smart to redownload forge (perhaps also a different version) and to try again. It may also be caused by your virus scanner.

– I have an error under @NetworkMod()

You no longer need the NetworkMod code so you can simply remove this line.

– There are no sounds

If Minecraft doesn’t have sound when you start it, navigate to the launch configurations and add the following¬†arguments to the Program Arguments:

Where the¬†assetsDir points to the assets folder. If the snippet above doesn’t work, remove everything after assetsDir and replace it with the full folder path to the assets in your standard Minecraft installation.

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