Wuppy’s Minecraft Forge Modding Tutorials for 1.7: Updating 1.6 to 1.7 Part 1: Modfile and Recipes

In the next few tutorials I will show you how to update your 1.6 mod to 1.7. The first thing which will be updated is the mod file, which looks as follows.

Quite a few things have to change here. First of all, remove the @NetworkMod line. It is no longer required and doesn’t have to be replaced by anything.

If your modid contains capital letters, change them into lower case letters.

Now, change the setUnlocalizedName behind each of the Blocks into setBlockName. The name of the method changed, but it does exactly the same.

You will see that every LanguageRegistry line is now underlined yellow and he used methods are crossed out. That is because the way names are now added has changed. Comment out all of these lines for later use.

Another thing which will have to change in the mod file is registerWorldGenerator. You now have to add an integer as the second parameter. This number decides when the code in the generator will run. If this has a higher number it will go later. This can be used to overwrite generation from other mods. For normal generation, the number 0 should be used.

If you are adding mob spawns in your mod file you will see an error under biomeList. To fix this you will have to change it into getBiomeGenArray. This returns the biomeList, which is now a private variable. Your mod file should now look as follows.

Now it’s time to update your Recipes. TutorialCrafting holds the recipes for the Tutorial mod and it looks like this.

To update your Recipes to 1.7 you will have to do two things. First, change Item into Items and Block into Blocks. Next up you will have to change several variable names. For example pickaxeStone has changed into stone_pickaxe.

Finally, for smelting recipes you will have to change it from FurnaceRecipes.smelting().addSmelting into GameRegistry.addSmelting. You will also have to remove .itemID or .blockID from the first parameter.

The Recipes file will now look like this.

In the next tutorial I will show you how to do the names in Minecraft 1.7.

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