Goblins And Giants Changelog


– Added Danish, Italian and German translations

– Fixed Creeper’s Soul Bow hurting the player when shooting

– Fixed a rare crash related to entity ids

– Fixed an even rarer crash related to dimension ids


– Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10


–¬†Added a config for update checking


– Fixed tons of bugs

– Added custom creative tabs


– Fixed naming issue with mobs

– Added incredible textures from Dark Defiance


– Updated to Minecraft 1.7


– Added a dagger to the Goblin

– Updated to 1.7.2


– Added configuration options for the spawning of mobs


– Fixed Sword Render issue with orcs

– Improved Orc AI

– Updated all AI

– Added online update checking support

– Fixed damage from swords

– Fixed the dimension not fully working


– Fixed a problem with the dwarfs and pigmen

– Fixed crash by outdated dev environment

– Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2

– Updated to Minecraft 1.6.1

– Fixed server crash

– Added Red Creepers
– Added Savannah Gunpowder
– Added Savannah TNT
РAdded Sausage Wood
– Added Sausage Tree
– Added Savannah Portal Temple to the deserts
– Removed the portal spawner recipe (it’s still in the creative menu)
– Small other changes

– Fixed an incompatibility crash

– Improved some more code
– Improved Block code

– Fixed crash on server
– Improved Image loading code
– Improved teleportation code
– Improved mob spawning code

– Updated to 1.5.1

– Fixed configs
– Repackaged files
– Improved code
– Added red creepers (unfinished)

– Improved world generation speed
– Improved world generation
– Updated to 1.4.6

– added names to mobs
– added mobs to vanilla eggs
– removed mod’s eggs
– lower spawn rate dwarf villages
– dwarf villages don’t spawn in water anymore
– fixed item use bug
– fixed possible tp bug
– small change to the portal block
– improved mob registry & update code

– Updated to Minecraft 1.4.2
– Important: You no longer need the dimension api

– Updated to Minecraft 1.3.2

V 0.7
– Added 5 new swords with 280 crafting recipes.
– Added poison item
– Added 7 keys
– Added red cactus
– Added red cactus world generation in the Savannah
– Removed all the mobs except for hostile ones (spider, zombie, skeleton, creeper, enderman etc.) in the Savannah
– Changed all the stone in the savannah into sandstone
– Changed all the dirt into sand (a couple of layers between what used to be 1 layer of sand and stone)
– Added cave generation into sand and sandstone
– Added ravine generation into sand and sandstone
– Added 7 gem ores
– Added 7 gems
– Changed several terrain features like lava lakes to have sandstone instead of stone
– Added sandstone versions of all the vanilla ores
– Added 2 new loot items for dungeons
– Added a trap to the Savannah world

V 0.6
– Started the Savannah dimension

V 0.5
– Added 3 new crafting recipe items
– Added Bone spear
– Added Uruk Hai Sword
– Added Uruk Hai
– Added dwarven village
– Added several mob drops
– Changed Goblin model

V 0.4
– Added Goblin
– Added Giant

V 0.3.1
– Pigman are peaceful mobs now

V 0.3
– Added pigman
– Added werewolf
– Added creative mode only mob spawner egg for all the mobs.

V 0.2
– Added the dwarf and dwarf house
– Added vampire blood

V 0.1
– Added the vampire
– Added the vampire bat

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