The Peacefulpack Changelog

– Fixed generation of fossils, niter and ghast ore
– Fixed Ghast ore texute
– Fixed server side crash
– Fixed dropping issue sulphur, niter & fossils
– Fixed some crafting recipes
– Updated to Minecraft 1.8
– Fixed blaze sapling planting issue
– Added 5 new spanish translations and the Portuguese translation
– Fixed Rotten Plant sappling planting issue
– Fixed a crash related to ghast ores
– Added Danish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese translations
– Added a config for update checking
– Added Portuguese translations
– Fixed a crash when mining ghast ore
– Slightly increased enderclam generation
– Lava requirement for Ghast Ore now is an option
– Greatly cleaned up the code
– Added creative tabs
– Improved blaze tree generation
– Fixed blaze trees
– Fix flax dropping itself
– Fixed bonemeal
– Fixed small problem with Biomes o Plenty
– Fixed many other unknown and known bugs
– Fixed the block drop bug

– Updated to Minecraft 1.7.2
– Added Burried remains

– Added configuration options to the generation
– Added update checker
– Fixed a small problem with generation thanks to nokiarenaVersion
– Animated texturesVersion
– Fixed crash when ghast ore isn’t destroyed by a player
– Added Burried Remains which generate like pumpkins just underground, drops rotten flesh
– Moved rotten plant to netherVersion
– Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2Version
– Updated to Minecraft 1.6.1Version
– Fixed blaze small blaze sapling problemVersion
– Fixed ore generation problemsVersion
– Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error with FlaxVersion
– Should fix incompatibility with other mods (vanilla bug)Version
– Updated to 1.5.1
– No more base editVersion
– Fixed bonemeal not working

– Removed testing recipes

– Added Experience to drop from ores

– Added a better config

– Updated to Minecraft 1.4.6

– Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5

– Fixed a name bug with blaze saplings

– Updated to Minecraft 1.4.2

Version 1.14.7
– Fixed some more bugs including seeds not working

Version 1.14.6
– Spider Web bug fix
– Added Dutch translations
– Other fixes

Version 1.14.5
– Added glowing to blaze leaves
– Added particle effects to blaze leaves and slime slabs.

Version 1.14.4
– Added a recipe for books with 1 cloth and 3 paper
– Fixed the file

Version 1.14.3
– Fixed server not working

Version 1.14.2

– Fixed world generation
– Fixed fuel
– Fixed other small things

Version 1.14
– Updated to 1.3.2
– Bug fixes

Version 1.13

– Goo slabs now get a random name when you start Minecraft

– The 3 types of fossils from the original peacefulpack are back

– Craft 2 cooked flesh into leather

Version 1.12

– Updated to the new Forge Version

Version 1.11.3

– Improved some small things like block drops

Version 1.11.2

– 3 blocks in 1 id

Version 1.11.1

– Bug fixes

– Better slime generation

– All the blocks in the creative inventory

Version 1.11

– Improved nether generation

– Blaze tree sapling

Version 1.10

– Added spider eyes to drop from cobweb

Version 1.9

– Changed to forge

– All the pictures in less files

– No more editing the bonemeal core class

– Flax can now appear when you use bonemeal on grass

Version 1.8.1

– Added a recipe to change flax fibre into 3 flax seeds

Version 1.8

– Changed block sounds

– Added the ender clam

Version 1.7

– Changed the chain materail recipe to no longer use a diamond

– Added ghast ores and generation

– Added bonemeal for flax and rotten plants

Version 1.6


– Took out block sounds, because they crashed

Version 1.5.2

– Changed the stepsounds

– fixed several recipes

Version 1.5.1

– Changed several textures.

Version 1.5

– Changed slime pool generation. It might generate strangely now, but at least it does a bit more often.

– Added the blaze tree

Version 1.4

– Sulphur dust now is fuel like coal

– New chain material

– New chain armor recipes

– New cooked flesh

– New rotten plant

– New rotten plant seed

– rotten plant generation

– cloth now crafts normal wool instead of orange

– sulphur torches work again

– string is half the price now

– Now it’s a zip file

– Fixed generation again

Version 1.3.1

– Bug fixes

Version 1.3

– Added changeable block Id’s

Version 1.2

– Flax now grows on grass

– All the ores generate more

– All the ores drop what they should

– Slimepools emit a little bit of light

– Better slimepool generating

Version 1.1

– Updated to Minecraft 1.2.4

Version 1.0

– Updated it to minecraft 1.2.3

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