1.7 tutorial comeback

As most of you probably know I have the most tutorials for a single version of Minecraft for 1.3.2. Back then I put out an insane amount of tutorials about many more things than more recent versions. After updating from my old blogger to this new website I found out why.

In 1.3 I had shorter tutorials than newer versions which simply means I need to make more to cover the same amount of information. However, the total amount of information covered was bigger.

In 1.7 I’m planning to make a comeback of some sorts. I will be going back to the shorter tutorials of 1.3. This may seem like I’m just wanting more page views, but it really isn’t. If I want to make a tutorial for 1.6 I have to work on it for over an hour. Usually I either don’t have that much time or don’t want to work on it for that long. If I make shorter tutorials which take me about 20 minutes or so I can do them far more often. When I have a short bit of time here or there I can put out a tutorial real quick which will make the amount of coverage much bigger.

However, there are 2 things that some know, but others don’t. First of all, the 1.7 update is going to take quite a long time because of a lot of changes in Minecraft. It has been about a week since release and MCP is still not out. This means that it’s a really big update. It isn’t a bad thing, not at all, but it will take time. Once MCP is updated Forge will have to be updated as well which will also take quite a while longer.

The second change is that Forge will be making some big changes in the way mods are made as well. Forge mods will then have to be made using Gradle. This means that a lot of modders, including me, will have to learn how to use this new system. Once I figure out the basics I will be sure to cover them quickly, but I’m expecting the Forge release to take at least 1 maybe even 2 months.


– 1.7 update will go back to 1.3 style shorter tutorials which is easier for me and gets more coverage

– It will take a long time before Forge is released

– There will be big changes in the code

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