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The last 2 days a lot of modders have been announcing they quit. I thought I’d give my opinion from the perspective of a former mod user, modder and modding tutorial writer.

From the perspective of a mod user it’s simply bad, because there will not be as many mods for newer versions of Minecraft. Before I was a modder myself I also noticed all of the hate modders could get, but at least back then most people and Mojang had respect for them.

Modding for me is a lot of fun, but only because people are respectful to me. They thank me for making it, tell me nicely if something is wrong and I know I make the game better for some. However, the amount of shit some modders get is just discouraging.

Even though I’m not directly effected by this change, because all of my mods are open source and I try to make them work with as many other mods out there, I still hate the changes that are going on right now and like this I doubt I will continue for much longer. Right now mod users think they are the owners of the mods and us and want us to do whatever they want. If the mod isn’t good enough they can wine and it will be fixed the way they want it, but that is not how it works. We are not your slaves. Instead, if you don’t like it either learn modding yourself or just go away.

Finally from the perspective of a modding tutorial writer I have some alarming news. Even though I’m putting out more tutorials then ever I see a constant decline in the amount of people eager to get into modding. Because I am one of the bigger modding tutorial providers for text, a reasonably big one on YouTube and a the only on Android I think I can see pretty well what is exactly going on in the amount of new modders. And that amount is going down rapidly It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if the modders that were already there would stay, but as most of you will have noticed by now many of the biggest and best modders will be quitting. To name a ¬†few: Cloudhunter, Pahimar and KingLemming.

We spend hours of hour days for close to nothing, with my adfly and the ads on the website I get under a dollar an hour, and all we get for it is complaints. I suggest that mod users, the community as a whole, but also Mojang will be very careful in greatly insulting modders from now on. I’m considering removing my mods and modding tutorials if there is any more shit coming our way. Without those hundreds will loose the entertainment of my mods and thousands will not be able to learn how to mod through my tutorials. This would be really bad, because it would mean an even further decline in new modders and the existing ones are leaving quickly. My advice: be VERY careful.

If I leave it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, because somebody else could pick up the torch, but there are so many modders either quitting already or seriously considering it and that could be the end of modding.

After speaking with some people in the modder community I have to say it’s already going to be really bad. Modders are almost lining up to remove their mods.

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