Film Finder app

A short time ago I posted about 2 projects which were taking up most of my time. One of the 2 is finally ready for release.
Film finder is a Dutch android app about movies.

With this app you can find which movies are on TV today and tomorrow on every big TV station in Holland and other countries nearby as well as movie tips selected especially for you which you may enjoy based on what you like.

The most important features of the app are:

  • – A list of movies that are on TV today and tomorrow
  • – Movie tips with
    • The most popular movie of today and tomorrow
    • The movies on TV which you are likely to enjoy
    • More movie tips from

The biggest part of the movies in this app is Dutch. If the movie will be on TV soon you will be able to see where and when. With a short look at this app you can find out what the movie is about, how popular it is, who made it, who plays in it and many other things. Film Finder is an app with every bit of information you need about movies. It will find exactly the movies you will enjoy watching.
In summary Film Finder is an app with every movie you might enjoy.

Features coming soon:

  • A top 100 movies
  • Improved visuals of the app
  • More user friendly with for example useful buttons
  • More options
  • Preorder movies

This app is made in cooperation with and

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