Mod updates, a new game and page updates

Minecraft 1.3.2 is out for a while now and I’m working on getting all of my mods to be updated. Right now most of the mods are done, but the others should be coming soon.
I’m also working on a new game. It is going to be a combination of Lemming and Minecraft. I have asked several people what they think from it and everyone is positive about it. This is a screen shot of the game.

It isn’t even close to being finished yet, but the idea is to place blocks in the world to get the walker from the entrance to the exit. There will be different kinds of blocks and they will also have different costs. I already have a lot done and I can start working on level development soon. I only have to do some gui, walking animation and other textures (which I hate). After that I can make levels pretty quickly.
One last thing is that I am hoping to get a lot more things on this page very soon. I have already added most of my mods, but I still have to make a guide for them. I would also like to get all of my tutorial maps on this webpage and create a lot of new modding tutorials. Expect a lot of new things soon.

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