Modding livestream

Coming friday there is a new concept of modding help me and freezzerrr, the guy behind mouse tutorials, are going to try out.

A video about the stream.


The concept is that I will be doing a livestream on Twitch, where I will be making a mod and explaining all of the code in it and why certain things are coded that way. When I am streaming freezzerrr will be anwering questions on the #livemodding IRC channel.


The stream will be friday the 28th of March. Starting times are 3pm and GMT + 1, 10am GMT -5 (Eastern time) and 7 am GMT -8 (Pacific time). See the time in your timezone using this website.

If you miss the stream, the footage of it will be uploaded to my channel as soon as possible after the stream.


It will be streamed right here.


This livestream is an easy way to create a bunch of content quickly. It is also useful to get direct input from people who follow the stream on what is and what isn’t clear. This also means that common problems can be easily fixed and prevented.

About what?

In the stream will be covered how to create a basic mod using Eclipse. It will cover everything from the setup up to more difficult items and blocks.

This mod will include how to create an ore and generate it, how to make an ingot, tools, armor and several other things as well as how to go about creating an actual mod instead of just the components. It will basically just cover all of the basics which will be in many different mods.

The code

The code which will be written in the tutorial is live shared between me and everybody else who helps directly with the stream through Dropbox. If you are one of the watchers the code can be easily found on this Github repo. This will not be live updated, but there will be an update frequently.


During the stream, questions will be handled as follows:

You cannot write in the Twitch chat. Instead an IRC channel will be used with the name #livemodding on espernet. To find out how to get on IRC this tutorial can be followed.

If the question is either not very important or specific, it will be handled in a PM.

If it is a question which quite a few people might have, the question will be copied into the stream chat and answered there.

If the question is really smart, a lot of people may experience the same problem or a live code example is required, I will answer it in the stream.

If you have a question before or after the stream, email me at

Help out

I will be recording during the entire video making it hard for me to answer everybody’s questions. Therefore it would be helpful if there are people who could help me with the stream. It would be very nice if there were several people as admins in the IRC and Twitch chat to handle the questions of the watchers. If you want to do this email me at Obviously, if you are a tutorial writer or a mod owner a link can be added to your content or something like that. Just ask me about what you want for it.

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