New release

A short time ago I released a new app. The app is about travelling cheaper. However, it is only for people in Holland so most of you will probably not use it.

The use for the app is that people who have a discount card for the NS can travel with 40% off. This discount does also count for up to 3 people who travel with this person. The app should combine people who travel between the same stations and give discounts to more people. The problem with the app is that, for it to be successful, it needs a lot of people using it. If there aren’t any people using it there aren’t any discounts and the app wouldn’t be useful. However, if there are a lot of people it will create a very good way to travel cheaper in a way that is accepted by the NS. I’m hoping that more people will download it making it a better app. You can download it right here.

I really like to develop apps like this. If anyone has a great idea such as this one please let me know and maybe I will make it.

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