Possible new tutorial format?

A short time ago I came up with a new tutorial format and I want to hear your opinion on it.

So there haven’t been that many tutorials for 1.6 and I don’t really plan on making that many “short” before the 1.7 modding release. It may take some time for 1.7 to come out, but it may also be quite soon. It’s not really that well known at this moment. Either way, the normal tutorials will continue for 1.7, but there may be something I could do for 1.6.

The idea is a “code dump”. What I do with it is that I put on a bunch of code for a certain thing such as custom cactus generation, custom mobs or something similar. Then I shortly explain the important parts of the code, but not how to do every single step in detail like a tutorial. Would there be any interest in this?

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